Таны анхааралд

Та "Мөрөөдлийн байшин"-гаа барих гэж байна уу?
Хамгийн хямд зардлаар, эрчим хүчний хэмнэлттэй байшин баръя гэвэл бидэнд хандаарай. Танд туслая!!!

Хувийн сууц №002


Minimalist Moscow Apartment with a Bright and Cozy Atmosphere

A minimalist design approach usually means sacrificing warmth for the benefit of function. The design team at ZE|Workroom studio did a wonderful job designing this 100 square meter apartment in Moscow, where practicability blends well with a high amount of comfort. The brief of the clients requested a bright and spacious living space, with plenty of storage opportunities. Aside from achieving this task, the studio added a little extra, resulting in an apartment filled with personality.

 By employing wood in the design of the floor, ceilings and kitchen area, a calming effect was achieved. The open plan social zone is naturally illuminated through the generously-sized windows. Lacquered blue and white finishes were combined, adding a touch of dynamics. The ceiling has an original appearance, its diversity perfectly complementing the rest of the design scheme. Harmony and continuity are two of the strongest positive features of the apartment. [Photography by ZE|Workroom studio]

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